My name is Jamie I’ve had a love of photography after my dad bought my first SLR camera at 8. I find photography is the perfect way to allow me to capture the world I see around me.

With a fascination in shape and form, I love to encapsulate what I see in a simple and graphic way in the world around me.

Studying photography at Herefordshire College of Art and Design I obtained Ba Hons. I Also won the Photogenix award in me second year.

Using light and texture I create visually pleasing images. Moving in close I like to capture details that we often miss in the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Create an intriguing picture.

As a child remember having a kaleidoscope that I held up to the light and saw coloured patterns through pieces of coloured plastic. As I twisted it the patterns would change, this is what inspired my Tessellations pictures.

I love to get out into the countryside and take pictures of the landscape. Capturing the beauty that surrounds us. Take a look at my Landscape page.

The fascination I have with shape and form has led me to experiment with more abstract pictures. These focus on the use of light and shape in the formation of an image.